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Drugs and Alcohol

Welcome to Provides teens with a safe space ask questions and to get reliable information about marijuana and its effects.
Non-profit organization devoted to steering youths away from drugs through sports, modeling, and entertainment.
An ongoing study of the behaviors, attitudes, and values of American students and young adults funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.
Tips on talking to kids about drugs, as well as information on specific drugs, slang names for drugs, what they look like, and frequently asked questions.
Welcome to The world's largest resource for current information and intervention, and treatment involving drugs.
Resources for parents about teens, drugs, and drug education. Strategies for home and school.
Echo Malibu adolescent treatment center offers youth drug and alcohol treatment
to teens with substance abuse addictions. Adolescent drug programs and teen.
Information to help parents spot substance abuse in their teen, including over the counter medications, huffing of inhalants, and use of illegal drugs.
A substance abuse and violence prevention organization, focuses on alcohol, tobacco and drug prevention education among children and teenagers.
Overview, quick facts and risks associated with crack and cocaine from the National learinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information.
Welcome to Interactive site focusing on ideas to keep teens from using drugs. Includes polls and e-cards.
" Willow Tree, Inc.